Preparing For the Colleges Life to a Better Life

Every students who want to take the next level of education has many expecatation, planning, or activities
planning before they going to colleges. One of the dream is to get wonderful GPA or we called IP in Bahasa.

They wonder that, if they get high GPA (> 3 from 4 scale), they could get a better job, soon, after their graduate. Not only the self of the student, their parents also want to make their children smart by winning the highest GPA when they take a colleges.

It’s okay then. But, by this article, I wanna sharing with my brothers and sisters on St. John’s Catholic School about GPA and softskill.

GPA is one of the important thing in our college life. In school, GPA similar with final score (nilai raport).by GPA we can know about our score for a semester. In college, we have range of GPA score from 0 lowest score up to 4 for the highest score. Many of us, include me, honestly, always try to get the best score in our daily lesson. The best GPA is one of my dream. Why? Because, I always pretend that if I can get the best GPA on my college, I can get a better job after I finished my college. But, it’s not too important as I wondered. In fact, base on my dozens said, “if you want to get a better job soon, you have to increase your knowledge, skill, and attitude. That’s mean, not only the GPA score that you have to get better but also the sofskill.”

Softskill? What is that???

Have you ever heard about how to communicate with many people, how to make your power point presentation succeded, or how to manage your time when you get a busy time? I think in school, we have learn little bit about that. In colleges, we called sofskill. Softskill is very important when you plan to have some job after you finished your college.

So, how we can get that things? You must not doubt to join an organizations in your campus later. Join many activities that can provide the skill in your dream job later. And, by that, you can get your softskill more than you ever pretend. For example, since high school, I wanted to be an organization developer and trainer in psychology. So, now, in my college life, I join also the organization in campus, which we called BPM. BPM is Badan Perwakilan Mahasiswa or similar as OSIS (student council) at St. John’s School. When I joined that organization, my sofskill is increase, such as how to arrange my time wisely between organization task and homework, how to arrange my word when I speak to many different people, how to make my time-table well, how to always concentrate when I do my job, etc. I can make sure to all of you that you can’t get that skill if you just sitting on your class study well, and after that you going home. You can’t just studying everytime. Many activities that you can do when you are in college life.

But, I’m sure that you will ask me, how about my lesson on the campus?

Just like I told you before, this is a chance to improve our skill in time management. I must to arrange my time well and wisely so my lesson don’t get failure. And how about the result? My GPA is still above 3.5.

In this oppurtunity, I just want to invite you, especially the 12th student whose will graduate closely. If you want to continue your educational level on the colleges, please not only be ‘friend’s of books’ whose just come over the class, study overtime, and after that going home. You can improve many skill in your college life, and even you can improve your networking through people. You know, networking is the most important thing that can help you find out some better job soo after you graduate. And even, he he he, just for kidding, you can also have your soulmate when you join many activities in campus.^^ (just kidding).

Improve your softskill, defends your GPA, don’t forget to pray, and I’m promise the better life is yours because Success is your Privilage!!!…

Good Luck, guys!




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