Berbicara Soal Abnormalitas (Part II)

This is a second article about LGBT after an article “Berbicara Soal Abnormalitas”. In this article, I wanna talking about LGBT again, but more than the first one. I’ll try to explain this phenomenon as student who studied base of psychology. in fact, DSM-4 has given an explanation about LGBT. It says that, LGBT, now, is not one of abnormality. I think it is a good news for LGBT people because before it (maybe until now), LGBT is called by abnormality group. But, still, in our culture, even, at many country agree that LGBT is an abnormality.

Yesterday, when I have had some discussion with my friend, Cecilia A Vicky, she asked about “How people can be LGBT?”. Great question, actually. But, before we talking deeply about it, let me introduce what is LGBT first. Anyway, thank’s a lot for the inspiration, sizhuka…wkwkwk

LGBT is refers to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual (and also transgender, I think). LGBT, which usually known as a homesexual is considered as a deviant sexual behavior. If we see it word by word, deviant is different from traditional norm: diverging sharply from a customary, traditional, or generally accepted standard, or displaying such divergent behavior, then sexual is relating to sex, sexuality, or the sexual organs, and the last behavior is way somebody behaves. (Makahinda, 2010).  Anyway, psychology, in fact, has many elements, such as, psychoanalys, behaviorism, and humanistic. Each of this elements has their own explanation, how people can be LGBT.

LGBT can be cause by an environment. In this case, behaviorism context applied. Environment can make somebody to be a LGBT. If we lived in one environment and the surrounding of that environment consist of this LGBT, people can be one of them. But, humanistic explain in another way, which is, they said that it is true if an environment can cause an influence to people behave. By this environment, they are learn something, and make it as their behavior, and even be LGBT. But, they didn’t totally agree because, people have some will, called, free will. It is true that environment can influence people, but, people also has free will to chooce what they want to be. If we reflect deeply, we can find out about existensialism, a kind of why people behave something and how the behave it link to their exictence. But, I don’t make some explanation about this element. It is hard actually, hehehe…

And, the last is about the past. Psychoanalysis explain this in a perfect way because, why people can be LGBT is not only cause by an environmental influence and free will, but also by the past time. The event that happened on the past can cause people be LGBT. In one discussion with my friend, who actually a member of LGBT said that, he was be a bisexual because of his family problem and also because of his bad experience on the elementary school. I can’t share it totally in this article, so sorry.

LGBT person in they work life same with us. They work as a employee, even some of them even many of them can be a boss. They can be a writter, lecturer, actress, and also “consultant” to a violence victim on the family. After all of the description above, now we can realize that the LGBT is not so different with us. They don’t bring any harm. Furthermore, their sexual orientation is not chosen entirely by themselves. So they can’t be viewed as the scum of society. (inspired by Andrew, 2010)

I considered that in this world, we can explain in many way how people can be LGBT. But the thing is, LGBT is also human. They are also has right to be approved in our society. It’s okay if we called them abnormal people because it’s our free will to make some stereotype although in fact it is bad. But, the most important things that, if they don’t disturb us, so why we must disturb their community? Man live in community. They develope in their own community. And we also live in community. If our community is not prohibited, so why we must prohibit their own? Let them develope on their way to develope and let’s we develope on ours. Difference is beautiful, actually…we can learn from it.

Salam Brillian!!!



5 thoughts on “Berbicara Soal Abnormalitas (Part II)

  1. What I know is, those who are including in that, also use heart to love…

    I have a question,
    Which one was firstly available??
    Yang mana yang duluan ada??

    “A chicken, or an egg”
    Karna, ayam ada ketika telur menetas, dan telur juga ada ketika ayam bertelur.

    “Violence, or law”
    Undang2 ada ketika ada pelanggaran, sedangkan org tidak akan tau kalo itu pelanggaran kalo undang2 belum ada…

    So now, who assumes lgbt is something bla bla bla???
    Any strong evidences to against if they love by heart??

    I am not on their hand, or other parties’ hand, I do not support anyone, I m just asking,

    Salam brilian,

  2. Kandy…
    Aku secara pribadi suka sama blog2mu yg bahas ttg LGBT krn g bnyk yg concern pada isu ini di Indonesia 🙂
    mungkin blogmu klo bole ak mau re-post di komunitas yg skg lg ak rintis ^^
    well, aku ada satu teori ttg penyebab gay dr segi psikoanalisa (biarpun ini teori menurutku ga bs digeneralisasikan) hehehe

    Dari sudut pandang psikoanalisa menjelaskan bahwa kecenderungan seorang laki-laki memiliki orientasi seks sejenis dikarenakan adanya Oedipus complex yang tidak terselesaikan (unresolved Oedipus complex) pada masa kanak-kanak (Maguire, 1995: 199). Oedipus complex sendiri adalah suatu tahapan psikoseksual yang terjadi pada anak-anak di usia 3-5 tahun, pada tahap ini seorang anak laki-laki akan mengalami perasaan cinta pada ibunya dan melihat ayahnya sebagai saingan sehingga anak mengalami kecemasan akan dikebiri oleh ayahnya karena cintanya pada ibunya, pada tahap ini idealnya anak laki-laki akan menghilangkan rasa cemasnya dengan mencoba membangun rasa percaya pada ayahnya kalau ayah mereka tidak akan mengebiri mereka dan mencoba melakukan identifikasi diri pada ayahnya (Hjelle & Ziegler, 1992: 99-100). Namun apabila peran ibu terlalu dominan sedangkan peran ayah lemah atau dingin dalam keluarga maka anak akan gagal melakukan identifikasi diri pada ayahnya atau yang disebut identifikasi object loss (Tan, 2005: 66), sehingga ketika dewasa nanti anak tersebut akan mencari cinta dari laki-laki lain sebagai bentuk kompensasinya terhadap dominasi ibunya dan tidak adanya figur ayah (Maguire, 1995: 200).

    (ak ambil dr bab 2 skripsiku … hehehe)

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