“Can We???…Justt Do It!”

Actually, it has been 2 weeks I just postponed working on my blog. For this two weeks, many important learning I’ve gotten through my experience. But, i can make some conclusion, it’s all about how to sustain something. Last week, there was Psychology Olympic on my campus. There was a Debate Competition, and at the others university, there were also held some Psychology Olympic such as PsychoOlympic, Poster Competition, and many more. I think, from my almamater, there just a few students who join this national competition. And, fortunately, we must appreciate to one of our students, Ricky, who got the gold medal for PsychoOlympic. Nice job, fellas!!!

But, by this reflection, I just come with one of my reflection was after we looked on him, our motivation to join with some competition increase. It shown by discussion process with some of my friends. They said that, “Actually, I wonder to take some competition later. I must join it!”

Actually, it’s absolutely nice and wonderful. In psychology, we called an intrinsic motivation. That’s cool. But, the question is, “Can you sustain your intrinsic motivation to compete?”

I aware that to sustain something, we must have an extra energy, extra time, and the most important thing is an extra motivation. I realized that when i’ve worked on my blog, sometimes i felt lack of motivation. I have many topics to share in this blog to be an article. But, just like I said, that, to sustain it, I must organize my self-instrinsic-motivation to always sustaining working on the blog.

It’s hard. Why? Many reason can be our defence mechanism, to avoid our work. For example, I have an idea to write about my trip to Bali. There are many photos that I can make it as my topic on my blog. But, because of my lazyness, I show up some Defence Mechanism reason, such as, “Ahhh,,,I have no time to working on my blog because I have many assignment.” But, in fact, I don’t do any assignment. By this reflection, I try to applicate this things in our topic for today.

“Can we sustain our intrinsic motivation to compete?”

From my observation and interview, we still can keep our motivation if we had some model. This means, that, there must a model who win some competition or who get some interesting experience and they are share to us. Bandura called this by vicarious experiences. But, what happen if there are no model? Are we don’t want again to join some competition?

So, how we start it? Formal lesson in each of our classroom can be a place to us to prepare ourself being into competition. By active participation on the classroom activity, we can keep our sustainablity to try join some competition. Why? Each competition must have preparation. We can’t win a war if we haven’t make some strategies and preparations. We can’t win the competition if we don’t make some preparation. So, what can we do to keep sustain our motivation to be in competition and also join some competition? Start it from participation actively in the classroom on the learning progress. For the lecturers also have to applicate the Skinner’s theory about reinforcement. They must also try to find some methods or whatever you want to call to “trick” the students to join in active participation on the learning process.

It’s hard, actually, but, there will be a chance. It’s complicated, actually, but, there will be a way. Like Nike said, just do it!

C U around, guys!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Salam Brillian!!!



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